Fisher Day Solicitors provide our clients with skilled legal advice, tailored to our client's needs…

Our Firm

Fisher Day Solicitors are a dynamic firm with an enviable reputation with a strong presence nationally and internationally.

We offer a wide range of legal services to individuals and small to large businesses and no matters are too small or too complex for us.  We have a dedicated team of skilled lawyers with exceptional business acumen and reputation who have been providing unparalleled legal services to national and international clients.

Our Culture & Values

“Innovation, Integrity, Commitment, Dynamic, Teamwork, Making a difference -The Core values of our firm”…

Clients – We always place our client’s at the heart of our firm and everything we do. Integrity – We promote openness and honesty. We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics and always set examples. Service – Our work is handled timely and efficiently. Excellence – Our work reflects our best efforts, never less. Teamwork – You are our client. We are a firm. We know that to achieve your objectives, we need to operate as a team. The best results are achieved through this collaboration. Focus – we are focused on core areas of law and offer in depth expertise our client’s expect and we grow organically.

Our Vision

‘’Our vision is to Counsel beyond expectations and push the boundaries of the law and to make a real difference in your life’’

Our vision is to provide our client’s with skilled legal advice with transparency. We strive with excellence, value collaboration and encourage imagination and creativity. We focus our attention on the legal and commercial aspects of our client’s business so that our client’s can focus their attention and success on their business. Our vision reflects our values.


We want to make a real difference.  We are dedicated to helping all the local communities and charity organisations and offer pro bono services.
We continuously ensure that we are making a real impact to those around us not just our client’s, to ensure that our professional legal services are always available.

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At Fisher Day we offer a comprehensive range of legal services and advice for individuals and businesses throughout England & Wales.