Disagreements and Disputes are unavoidable and can be very stressful and disrupting for most businesses and individuals.

Whatever dispute you are in or are faced with, it is highly recommended to get first class and proactive advice from a trusted team of lawyers who will understand your circumstances, needs and circumstances and work on your behalf to ensure the right outcome is achieved.

Fisher Day Solicitors take an objective view, meticulously analyse all the facts, evidence, the law and we robustly challenge every point where evidence is disputable and assess whether the dispute warrants rigorous litigation, in which we will fight your case tirelessly to win or take a commercial approach in resolving the dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as Mediation.

Our primary focus is to assist our client’s in providing them with a range of options and to help them make an informed decision that supports and safeguard their interest.

Our team of lawyers can provide strategic advice, as well as full representation in complex legal disputes in which you can be assured that our team will leave no stone unturned.

We can provide advice and assistance in a wide range of matters including:

While we appreciate that Costs of Litigation can be expensive and in some circumstances daunting and challenging, we hope to alleviate these concerns by offering you a bespoke funding package that meets your requirements, needs and circumstances.  We will work with you to find the best possible package to tailor your needs.

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