Our consultants enjoy a healthier and a better working life, whilst at the same time, they have the opportunity to succeed and no doubt earn more, with rewards and benefits.

Due to the nature and high demand of Legal Services today, we understand that the traditional office approach is far from how modern legal services are offered today, by ambitious lawyers in this fast-growing profession.

Fisher Day Solicitors are proud to offer and have adopted an attractive tailored fee sharing model, and are seeking Lawyers and Consultant Solicitors, sharing the same vision. We strongly believe in transformation and we encourage the best lawyers to join our team, to generate a change, by sharing the same values.

If you are an ambitious lawyer, whether you are seeking a new challenge, or to build, or expand your own client base, then you are on the right platform and we would like to hear from you.

We handle all regulatory requirements and compliance, allowing you primarily, to focus on your invaluable fee earning, offering quality tailored advice to your clients; without the need of management and financial burden.


In addition to the financial reward and career progression, we distinguish your given time and value within our firm, and therefore as being a vital member of our firm, we treat all members with great ‘’perks’’.  We are proud to say that we have teamed up with ‘perkbox’, a ‘UK leading employer / employee’s engagement platform’.  You will also be a member, where you will have unlimited exclusive access and be given your own online portal with over 200 exclusive free perks, benefits and savings as part of your everyday life.  These include: Free Mobile Insurance, Free Coffees and big discounts from your favourite brand, shopping to motoring, travel, Holiday tickets, Fitness, Entertainment, Family and Healthcare and much much more.

We believe that you deserve returns on your investment like us. We would like to hear from you, if you think you can make a real difference. Please email us at: careers@fisherday.co.uk with your CV / Application.


We are an innovative and a dynamic firm, one of very few who not only seek the introduction of your own skills and expertise with a client following, but we also reward you with our work in return, in line with your practice area(s), and also for the additional work you refer within the firm.

Our core of strength lies within the skills and expertise of our lawyers in the firm.  Thus, our Lawyers, have opportunities to grow with us and progress their careers i.e into becoming future executive Directors and Partners.

We work directly on a one to one with you, helping you succeed, in building and developing your own client base and provide you from time to time, with firm’s new potential client’s and enquiries, who are and no doubt, be in need of your exclusive expertise.

We place you at the forefront of our firm.  We assist and support you throughout in business development, marketing, and social media boost, to strengthen your reputation, your niche practice area(s), wherever you are based.

Our Lawyers benefit from the high level of administrative support, and leading case management systems, which includes but not limited to, access to Precedents, research and Accounts.

Our fee sharing schemes come with many rewards and benefits, including but not limited to:

  • A better working balance and the ability to earn much more
  • Fee sharing share (50-70{a78b52ec3410cc117b33f28d908149b94fc47c03c8162facdbdaa069f3be7a56}) not just on work you bring in and undertake, but also on other work the firm provides you, and any other areas of work you introduce to the firm, you will be rewarded
  • Access to firm new Client queries, opportunities to build, expand client base
  • Marketing Campaigns& assistance for your Specialist Practice area(s)
  • Opportunities of referral from other firms, companies. Other referral opportunities from members of the firm
  • All letterhead paper, business cards, Marketing Campaigns, profile on the firm’s website and other websites/links.
  • Use of Modern Case Management Software – remote access to Case Management systems and email.
  • Access to precedents currently available and incorporated into our case management
  • Full Accounts support, Management, process, Billing and IT Support
  • Opportunity for Secretarial/Administrative support
  • Access to Head office and contemporary client meeting rooms nationwide
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance cover
  • Full regulatory service – COLP/COFA/MLRO
  • Supervision and file Reviews
  • Access to training materials to meet your CPD requirements.